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Meet the Residents

AnMed Health residents are a diverse, fun group that includes men and women from across the country, medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy. We encourage prospective residents to contact our students directly and learn more about the experiences AnMed Health has to offer. You can follow three of our residents on their journey through our program at their blog, Doctor's Orders.

First Year Residents

* denotes Seneca Rural Track

Baker T. Boles, M.D.Baker T. Boles, M.D. Robert Bryant, M.D.Robert Bryant, M.D.
Lindsey Cassidy, M.D.Lindsey Cassidy, M.D.
Douglas A. Cowser, M.D.Douglas A. Cowser, M.D.* Carla D. DiPiero, D.O.Carla D. DiPiero, D.O.
Nathan Eshenroder, M.D.Nathan Eshenroder, M.D.*
David Finney, M.D.David Finney, M.D.
Mary F. Finney, M.D.Mary F. Finney, M.D.
Victoria C. Herold, D.O.Victoria C. Herold, D.O.
Holly Munson, D.O.Holly Munson, D.O.*
Joshua T. Stone, D.O.Joshua T. Stone, D.O.
Morgan P. Stone, D.O.Morgan P. Stone, D.O.
Danna K. Thompson, M.D.Danna K. Thompson, M.D.

Second Year Residents


Mary Margaret Allgood, M.D.Mary Margaret Allgood, M.D. Robert Allman, M.D.Robert Allman, M.D.
Tyler Bailey, M.D.Tyler Bailey, M.D.
Frank Cioppettini, M.D.Frank Cioppettini, M.D.
Laura Davis, M.D.Laura Davis, M.D.
Micah Froese, M.D.Micah Froese, M.D.
Zhihua He, M.D.Zhihua He, M.D.
Matthew Murray, D.O.Matthew Murray, D.O.
Kyle Voget, M.D.Kyle Voget, M.D.
Joy Ishii, D.O.Joy Ishii Zarandy, D.O.

Third Year Residents

Nicole D. Arthur, M.D.Nicole D. Arthur, M.D. Samuel S. Ballew, D.O.Samuel S. Ballew, D.O. Caitlin Collier, M.D.Caitlin Collier, M.D.
Joshua M. Lang, D.O.Joshua M. Lang, D.O. Brandon M. Paritz, M.D.Brandon M. Paritz, M.D. Andrea Ray, M.D.Andrea Ray, M.D.
Jared C. Richardson, M.D.Jared C. Richardson, M.D. C.J. Rolison IV, D.O.C.J. Rolison IV, D.O. Erik D. Zarandy, D.O.Erik D. Zarandy, D.O.


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