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Resident Life

The best way to learn is by doing, which is why AnMed Health residents leave with more than solid medical training. They leave experience and a family. So in addition to practicing family medicine, residents go through a variety of experiences from a mock deposition to a weeklong procedures workshop. A community medicine scavenger hunt allows residents to discover the wealth of resources Anderson has to offer. If you've got the makings of a world traveler, ask about AnMed Health's global health elective. The AnMed Health Family Medicine Residency Program offers real experience and attracts a diverse group of physicians. These three residents give a good idea of why they chose the program and the expansive knowledge they’ve gained in a short amount of time.

PGY1 - Hiliary Weill

Dr. Hiliary Weill first heard about the residency program during South Carolina AHEC Family Medicine Interest Day before she finished medical school. She actually finished her fourth year of medical school at AnMed Health, and during her time here she came to recognize just how much she enjoyed the hospital and the surrounding area.

"Everyone from the residents and faculty in the program to the nurses, physicians and administrative staff were all so welcoming," Weill said. "I felt like AnMed Health was a great fit for me and it's also right down the road from Clemson University."

Dr. Weill said her experience so far in the residency program has been busy, but she expected this from her first year. She has enjoyed getting to know co-interns and residents who are further along in the program, but everyone from faculty to staff has been willing to answer any of her questions. She already feels confident that AnMed Health's program will shape her into a well rounded physician, and she has plans to focus on preventative care for adolescents.

Dr. Weill loves to cook and recently started a small garden that helps her decompress after a long day seeing patients. She loves staying active with her husband by hiking and playing disc golf, but Dr. Weill admits that she succumbs to the call of the couch just like anyone else.

"Honestly, curling up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and Netflix sounds like a relaxing day to me."

PGY2 - Baker Boles

Dr. Baker Boles chose the AnMed Health Family Medicine Residency Program because of the well balanced training that it offered in obstetrics, pediatrics and sports medicine. He is also a fan of the Anderson community and the surrounding area. Now in his second year, Boles said he is certain he made the right choice in his medical career.

"I would do it again, no doubt about it," Boles said. "I feel like I'm learning so much in a small amount of time; it's like how a kid is a sponge for knowledge in kindergarten."

Dr. Boles specifically pointed out the program's balanced approach to its students. While the faculty and staff are on hand at all times to answer questions or offer advice, they take great pains to provide an autonomous environment in which the residents feel they can work through issues and make decisions on their own. Boles is interested in patients on both ends of the age spectrum; he said his most rewarding experiences thus far in the program have been with geriatric and pediatric patients.

"Those are two groups of people that speak the truth," Boles said. "The kids can be so playful and you get to hear some great life experiences from older patients."

Dr. Boles is a Gamecock football fan and has coached football before, so he also has an interest in sports medicine and orthopaedics. Other than sports, Boles enjoys playing with his five-year-old mutt, Lexi.

PGY3 - Laura Davis

Dr. Laura Davis says her mind works like a spreadsheet. When it came to deciding on a residency program, that spreadsheet was full of possible programs and the criteria she looked for in them. When she compared the AnMed Health Family Medicine Residency Program to others, the program consistently came out on top.

"I wanted a well-rounded program and a place that felt like home. I wanted attendings and coworkers who felt like family and friends," Dr. Davis said. "I specifically compared the weeks of time spent on pediatrics and women's health rotations, and AnMed Health was always at the top of my list."

Women's health has interested Dr. Davis even before she decided to go to medical school, but she still has a desire to be a "good 'ole family doc" who sees everyone from infants to senior citizens. She said the program has allowed her to get a feel for that kind of work. She also feels respected by other physicians in a large hospital system, while at the same time enjoying that small, family feel in the program itself.

In her spare time, Dr. Davis enjoys playing piano and getting lost in a new piece of music almost as much as she enjoys spending time with her niece and three goddaughters. She said that personal connection is vital, which is why she also has a passion for serving the underserved. She was born and raised in one of the poorest counties in Florida, and that life experience informs everything she does.

"I know the real struggle some people face when having to decide between feeding the family and deciding to drive an hour for prenatal care," Davis said. "Just being able to love those people, even outside of work, is a lot of fun."
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