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STAR of the Year

AnMed Health 2013 STAR of the Year BeLinda Bacher
2013 STAR of the Year

BeLinda Bacher is AnMed Health’s 2013 STAR of the Year after twice being named a STAR of the Month last year.

The program manager of AnMed Health Pediatric Therapy Works was nominated two times for her enthusiasm for her work, generally, and specifically for going above the call of duty at least twice to help her patients.

Bacher wrestled with the state Medicaid system early last year when they stopped paying for the therapeutic care that one of her young patients needed. Bacher believed their refusal to pay was a violation of their own policies and set a course to prove it.

By the time she was done, Medicaid not only was paying for Bacher's patient's care, but a statewide policy change opened doors for more therapy for children statewide. Medicaid raised the number of visits allowed from 75 to 105.

"Don't mess with my babies," she quipped at the annual STAR banquet.

That successful battle won her a STAR of the Quarter honor and a cash prize. The prize was about the same amount of money needed by the mother of another patient to move out of an abusive situation and into a safe home, so Bacher used the check to connect electricity to their new home. Bacher said her gift to the family was simply a way to pay it forward and not a gesture she believes to be uniquely hers.

"We work in a culture where we don’t get in these positions just by chance," she said. "This is who we are. This is what we do."

About the STAR Program

The AnMed Health STAR program is a way for AnMed Health to recognize employees for doing a great job. The STAR program's goal is to reward those individuals and teams who meet and exceed AnMed Health’s Organizational Standards and make significant contributions to the mission, vision, and building blocks of AnMed Health by practicing excellent customer service (both internal and external), team leadership/participation, and better cost control and quality.

If you are a visitor or patient and would like to nominate an employee for STAR service, you may email your nomination to or pick up a nomination form from Reflections Café, Camellia Café, or any front desk at the Medical Center or North Campus.

The Rewards and Recognition Committee chooses one STAR of the Year from all STARs of the Month from the previous year.

Previous STARs of the Year
2013 Winner BeLinda Bacher, Pediatric Therapy Works
2012 Winner Cindy Swanney, Pediatrics
2011 Winner Jeanne Nourse, Lymphedema
2010 Winner Mindy Romosca, Home Care
2009 Winner Beth Pettit, Rehab
2008 Winner Amy Bouzammour, Clinical Outcomes
2007 Winner Marlene Campbell, Nursing
2006 Winner MaeRena Boseman, Catering
2005 Winner Sharon Steed, Pediatric Therapy Works
2004 Winner Stacy Hammett, Rehab Services
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