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Diversity and Language Services

At AnMed Health, we believe in treating all patients equally well. Our patients come from different backgrounds, have diverse beliefs, speak languages other than English, and live both traditional and non-traditional lifestyles. That is why we have taken extra steps to ensure we understand and meet the needs of all patients.

Our guiding principle of “differentiology” means we aim to be culturally competent, understanding and respecting the needs of patients from different races, religions, ethnicities and lifestyles. We meet the needs of non-English and limited-English speaking patients through around-the-clock interpretation services. Spanish-speaking patients can rely on a team of onsite interpreters from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. We offer both onsite interpreters and a two-way video conferencing system that provides 24-hour access to certified American Sign Language interpreters for communication with the deaf or hard-of-hearing.

AnMed Health is committed to reducing health disparities in care to patients from vulnerable and underserved communities. AnMed Health looks to the experts when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of our patients. We model our guidelines on the federal government’s National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services. Our language services manager is certified by the Commission of Health Care Interpreters. Less than 500 medical interpreters in the country have earned this credential. Our director of diversity and language services is one of only 30 diversity practitioners in the country who is certified in diversity management in healthcare.

AnMed Health is a member of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association.

Our diversity and language services department has been recognized by:
  • The Disparities Solution Center of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston 
  • The Riley Institute at Furman University 
  • The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

For more information on our language services, call (864) 512-4103. For information about AnMed Health’s differentiology activities, call (864) 512-2361 or email

AnMed Health is a member of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association


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