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Minor Care

While it's great to know you have a top-notch Trauma Center in your own backyard, not every illness or injury requires the high level of care our Emergency Department provides. Whether it's a cough you can't shake or a cut that might need stitches, AnMed Health Minor Care is here to help when your regular doctor's office might not be available.

Minor Care is an urgent care practice that treats minor illnesses and injuries, such as:
  • Colds and sore throats
  • Upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, bronchitis or the flu
  • Bruise, joint sprains, muscle strains and simple broken bones
  • Mild asthma attacks
  • Allergies and rashes
  • Uncomplicated urinary tract and gynecologic infections
  • Wounds and cuts that need stitches or sutures
  • Minor nosebleeds
Minor Care only treats adult patients. However, AnMed Health Kids' Care provides a similar walk-in environment for children and teens at the North Campus.

Although Minor Care accepts most major insurance plans, minor care co-pays and self-pay patients, our costs tend to be higher than a primary care practice. For this and other reasons, Minor Care is not a substitute for your regular primary care practice, and we encourage patients to seek treatment from their primary care doctor before coming to Minor Care. Don't have a primary care doctor? Find an AnMed Health practice near you.

Minor Care is not equipped to care for serious injuries that can require hospitalization. Please go the Emergency Department if you are experiencing:
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Large open wounds
  • Significant difficulty in breathing 
  • Severe headaches or abdominal pain 
  • Major trauma or substantial burns 
  • Sudden weakness or changes in vision
Minor Care is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The office is located inside the AnMed Health Heart and Vascular Center at 800 North Fant Street in Anderson.

AnMed Health Minor Care
800 North Fant Street
Anderson, SC 29621
(864) 512-1787
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